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my favourite things [ 12 ]

Vandaag kreeg ik de nieuwe catalogus van Taschen binnen. Vorige maand is een nieuw boek verschenen waarin het werk van 150 eigentijdse illustratoren wordt getoond: Illustration now! Een must have. Maar ik moet eerst deze nog kopen!

Illustration now!
Drawing power: the world’s hottest illustrators A to Z.
From magazines and newspapers to ads, websites, album covers, and even mobile phone wallpaper, illustration is a crucial element in visual communication today. With unlimited creative possibilities, illustration is as unbound as imagination itself; whether it’s a simple pencil drawing, an ornate airbrushed painting, or a computer-generated image, an illustration speaks the international language of ideas. This comprehensive guide showcases 150 of today’s best commercial and editorial illustrators from over 50 countries; each entry highlights examples of recent work and includes the artist’s contact information, favorite media, awards, clients, and work philosophy. Look no further for what works and who’s who in the world of illustration: it’s all here.
Bron: taschen.com

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