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vanmiddag gezien op televisie : City Lights (1931)

Prachtig melodramatisch verhaal van en met Charles Chaplin als de kleine vagebond. Het tijdperk van de talkie was net begonnen, maar Charley Chaplin bleef met zijn achtergrond als varieté-artiest het sterkst in de gestyleerde werkelijkheid van de stomme film. Tachtig jaar na de opnamen blijft de film amuseren en ontroeren. City Lights was de favouriete film van Orson Welles die zelf de beste Amerikaanse film van de twintigste eeuw maakte.

City Lights
laatste beeld uit City Lights
Charles Chaplin‘s first film made during the sound era. He faced extreme pressure to make the film as a talkie, but such was his popularity and power in Hollywood that he was able to complete and release the film as a silent (albeit with recorded music) at a time when the rest of the American motion picture industry had converted to sound.
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Chaplin is the only person to have gone down into cinematic history without any shadow of a doubt. The films he left behind can never grow old.

Andrei Tarkovsky

Chaplin was exceptionally nervous about the reception of the film just prior to its release in 1931. Silent films were a total anachronism by this time, with Hollywood having completely switched to sound films by the end of 1929. However, the film was enthusiastically received by Great Depression era audiences, and was one of Chaplin’s most financially successful and critically acclaimed releases. At the gala Hollywood premiere, Chaplin’s special guests were Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa. Chaplin wrote in his autobiography that he knew the film would be a success after watching the Einsteins‘ reactions. The film was theatrically re-released in 1950. Bron: en.wikipedia.org

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