Amerikaanse Burgeroorlog [ 24 ]

150 jaar geleden capituleerde de Confederatie in Appomattox House VA
vandaag verschijnen twee herdenkingspostzegels
civil war stamp
herdenkingspostzegel met de capitulatie
in Appomattox House op 9 april 1865
In this final installment in the five-year Civil War series, one of the stamps reproduces the 1895 painting “Peace in Union” by Thomas Nast, depicting Robert E. Lee‘s surrender. The other, for the Battle of Five Forks, reproduces a painting, circa 1885. This climactic battle and Lee’s subsequent surrender took place within 25 miles of each other.
The front and back of the souvenir sheet includes a photo of Federal rifles stacked in the vicinity of Petersburg, Virginia, during the siege as well as comments on the war by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and Union General Joshua L. Chamberlain, plus lines parodying the lyrics of the Civil War song, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.
civil war stamps
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