koloniale schilderkunst [ 3 ]

zeventiende en achttiende eeuwse schilderkunst uit Amerika
The Freake Limner
The Freake Limner ca. 1670
Justus Engelhardt Kühn a native of Germany, is first documented as having applied for naturalization at Annapolis in 1708. He became the churchwarden at St. Ann’s at Annapolis in 1717; he died six months later. Scholar J.H. Pleasants wrote that a creditor’s inventory of his estate, which was administered by Charles Carroll I, the “Settler”, indicates that Kühn was a lover of books, music and clothes, lived beyond his means and augmented his portrait-painting career by painting coats of arms. Pleasants suggests that the elaborate scenic backgrounds in portraits of children painted by Kühn may have been inspired by Italianate engravings or by memories of the formal gardens of German estates.
Bron: marylandartsource.org
Justus Engelhardt Kühn
Justus Engelhardt Kühn ca. 1710
Henry Darnall III en Eleanor Darnall