Poor us

vanavond op Nederland 2 om 20.25 bij de VPRO:
The animated history of poverty van Ben Lewis
Poor us The animated history of poverty
Do we know what poverty is? Throughout human existence, the poor have always been with us. Beginning with the Neolithic age, Ben Lewis‘s funny and sinister animated odyssey takes us through the changing image of poverty – helping us define what poverty looks like today and question whether it is inevitable.
A BBC Storyville film, produced in partnership with the Open University, Poor Us screens as part of Why Poverty? – when the BBC, in conjunction with more than 70 broadcasters around the world, hosts a debate about contemporary poverty. The global cross-media event sees the same eight films screened in 180 countries to explore why, in the 21st Century, a billion people still live in poverty.
Bron: bbc.co.uk