la lollo 80

vandaag viert deze dame haar tachtigste verjaardag
Gina Lollobridgida
A woman at 20 is like ice
at 30 she is warm
and at 40 she is hot

Gina Lollobrigida (1927 – )

Lollobrigida’s career began when she won a beauty contest in 1947. She was ambitious to become an actress, although she also liked being an art student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where she studied sculpture and painting. She won parts in many Italian movies during the early fifties, including Fan-Fan the Tulip (1951), Beauties of the Night (1952), Infidelity (1952) and was excellent in The Wayward Wife (1952). But it was as the fiery temptress, ‘Frisky’, in the trilogy which began with ‘Bread, Love and Dreams’ (1953) that the young actress leapt to stardom in a widely praised performance. This was the first of the romantic Italian neorealist movies, realistic movies set amongst the working class.
Her other famous movies included ‘Trapeze’ (1956), ‘The Law’ (1959) and ‘Come September’. The Americans loved her and featured her on many magazine covers, including Time, Life and Redbook. Rumors of rivalry with another very famous Italian actress, Sophia Loren, only fueled media interest.
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